Monday, September 6, 2010

The Basis For this...

The reason I decided to open myself to the realm of blogging was simple. It wasn't to characterize my feelings, my actions, or a funny quote within the realm of 160 characters or less.

In fact, this was to open my mind to the realm outside of that, being limited only to the writers block and limits I place upon myself.

From then on, I decided to be less about myself, and more about altruism. I have lived a charmed life in its physicality, a wonderful family, expensive household, complete with a luxury car. And even though, from a physical standpoint, things seemed to be ideal, depression and anxiety has had me ruined.

I had every reason to smile from the outside perspective, but in reality, I was tattered.

From that point forward, I wanted to give back to those who need help, much as I did.

And although my funds are limited, my friendship, however, is unlimited.


  1. Just showing some love to my bros

  2. You seem like a nice guy man :D

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